Become a Blue Skies Champion

Blue Skies is currently seeking champions to support the Blue Skies Consultation process. To become a Champions in Principle, simply send us an email ( with your name, a passport size photo (or equivalent) and a positive message about Blue Skies.

Blue Skies Champions in Principle

Sam Mauchline (and his wife)
“My wife and I are 70 years old and are the parents of a 39 year old severely disabled son. I would like to become a Blue Skies Champion to continue the fight for a better life for those with disabilities and believe this vision shall provide the vehicle to achieve this goal.”
Max Reuben (with Clive Bush)
Max and Clive
“There is a limit to what we can do with current resources and so we do it from the heart. We have come a long way with the Blue Skies Scenario and it is a privilege to be here today


Krystle Duncanson
“Blue Skies re-affirms the way we should be working on a daily basis.”
Julie Simpson
“Blue skies is a guiding pathway to people with a disability having the life they choose.”
Sandi Cohen
“Embrace this change. It is inspiring.”
Marg Ward
“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”
Lesley Chenoweth
“Blue Skies is the most exciting initiative. A truly grassroots movement that brings together people with disabilities, families, services, government and all citizens in a common vision. Together we are better.”
Melanie Roy
“Blue Skies gives everybody the opportunity to be part of a truly inclusive community. It’s a fantastic chance to make a positive change.”
Sarah Brown
“Blue Skies can make a difference to so many people. A positive change is needed and this vision can do just that.”
Marek Krason
“I hope to see a society that includes everyone in the future with accessibility to all facilities. It would be great to live in a society where everyone is equal.”
Cr. Rob Pyne
“Blue Skies can help to turn many much used phrases like ‘equality of opportunity’ and ‘a fair go for all’ into a reality for people with a disability.”
Ronnie Davis
“I think today with the Blue Skies is about getting out into the community with our passion and belief that we can make a difference and to be infectious.”
Lucia Ariotti
“Blue Skies is a brilliant scenario and it will be a great day when it is fully realised.”
Jo-Anne Myatt
“Blue Skies provides for a better future especially for that younger generation coming on. The battle has been fought and the victory is going to be won.”
Monique Robinson (and guide-dog Jemma) 

“Talk to me not through me, not over me and not around me.”

Moe Turaga
“I hope that Blue Skies also provides a focus on rural areas – all inclusive.”
Anna Comuzzo
“Blue Skies is a great initiative. Definitely needed and about time it happened. It is about changing attitudes.”
Lisa Lehmann
“My dream for the future is for fully inclusive education – no segregated special education.”
Josey McMahon
“It will be great to be able to celebrate the day when the Blue Skies dream becomes a reality in the year 2020 if not before. Close the doors to all Institutions.”
Carolyn McDiarmid
“Continue breaking down those barriers. Create quality opportunities for maximum potential.”
Kathy Kendell
“Want to see a greater commitment to more funding. Disappointed at the lack of funding for people with disabilities.”
Benita Bierzynski
“The Blue Skies Scenario is about the dreams of people with a disability being realised.”
Karin Swift
“I want to see everyone get what they need and it is not about competition nor about presenting yourself in the worst possible light.”
Dianne Toohey
“Fully support the Blue Skies Scenario and looking forward to the next phase.”
Doug Thomson
“Blue Skies is getting the message across. I hope that the Government will take notice.”
Chris and Allison Hyde
Chris and Allison
“Anything that can help people with disability is a great thing.”
Angela Tillmanns
“The time has never been better to improve the lives of people with disability in Queensland – Blue Skies provides a better way forward, lets make it happen”.
Michelle Howard
“Transformational reform across our society is required to address the systemic disadvantage faced by people with disability. Blue Skies articulates a vision for the scale of change required to achieve this aim. It is invigorating and motivating to consider the alternative future it promotes.”
Ann-Marie O’Brien
ann marie
“I thoroughly endorse the Blue Sky scenario and am very excited to offer my assistance to make it a reality. I know we can do this together!”
Sharon O’Shea
“Blue Skies inspires people to be positive.”
Mark Henley

“What the disability sector needs is a clear vision that offers a better environment for people with a disability to live in. The Blue Skies Scenario provides that vision.”

Jenni Keerie
“So many people I meet really want to see a positive change to the services / support / assistance to and for people with disability. This vision is a very clear, simple concept to continue the development of positive and viable change.”
Tracy Sharp
“This is an achievable vision that would make sense to many community members.”
Margaret Harrison
“This vision has established a realistic approach to the future planning for all people with disabilities to live the life of choice.”
Mandy Nielsen
“This scenario is long overdue – especially the idea of educating our children – they are the future.”