Blue Skies charter

CharterThe following charter is available in a number of formats from our resources and publications section of the website.

Who are we?

Blue skies is a focused network of people connected by their commitment to a compelling vision for change – a vision for an inclusive community.

There is a small blue skies core team who hold the vision and provide a web of support for existing networks and individual efforts that are aligned with the vision.

What principles do we operate by?


The intent of the blue skies network is to connect people and make visible, the myriad of social change efforts happening now, in every community across Australia. It is also the intent of the blue skies network to influence both policy and practice relating to both specialised and generic service provision.

Our values

The values of the blue skies team and network are outlined in the scenario and principles and elements documents.

Finding common ground

The blue skies network is made up of people with range of viewpoints but who share common ground – a dream for a better future for people with disability, their families and supporters. Diversity is a core strength of the network and public debate welcomed. Action that is informed by and aligned with the blue skies vision will be supported and shared across the community, wherever possible.


All efforts toward the blue skies vision will be aligned with the principles and elements document, within the broader context of the Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Disability, and the Australian Social Inclusion Principles.

Evaluation of effort

The success of effort is measured by the stories from the network and broader community, and by the degree to which people engage in the blue skies vision. Integrity of effort is measured by how closely our action reflects our principles.

How do we make decisions?

The core team meets regularly to align our efforts, share the work of the broader networks, and influence policy and practice. Decisions are made by consensus, with reference to the Blue Skies vision, principles and elements, and with due regard to new information and new perspectives as they are offered.

The blue skies core team will come together on a 6 monthly basis (or as required) to review and reflect on progress and direction, and plan for the future.

How do we engage others?

Supporting and making visible, the work of other networks, groups and individuals

The blue skies core team invites all networks, groups and individuals who are aligned with the vision, to become connected to Blue Skies and, through the website and special events, share their work and collaborate with each other.

Conversation as a tool of engagement

To date, the blue skies vision has inspired over 1500 people to come together in conversation. Some of these conversations have inspired new relationships, new collaborations and action around elements of the vision that matter to people. Coming together in conversation has a long tradition in community building and will remain a feature of the blue skies network.

The use of powerful questions

A good question focuses on what is meaningful for the group, it triggers our curiosity and invites us to explore further. A good question brings good ideas and possibilities to the surface but doesn’t necessarily solve problems immediately. Good questions ask “what’s possible” not “who is to blame” and are a important element of the blue skies work.

The blue skies website as a tool of engagement

The blue skies website provides information in easily accessible formats for download, a list of champions of the vision, ideas for action, and opportunities to get involved. Over time the capacity of the website to connect and showcase the various network, group and individual efforts will expand.