NDIS Conversations

A new body of work, a second generation of blue skies thinking, has just commenced in Queensland.  There are two parallel but separate streams of work – the engagement of hundreds of people in NDIS conversations over the next year, and the development of a set of scenarios – plausible, challenging, and possible futures which illustrate the potential consequences of choices made today – to serve as a set of reference points for decision making and policy development as the NDIS takes shape.

The purpose of engaging community in NDIS conversations is to build capacity, confidence and collaboration at a local level; to directly inform the shape and content of the NDIS over the next few years; and to ensure all future politicians know there is no turning back.  This engagement commenced some months ago and is supported by the training of people with disability, support workers and many others in social process tools such as hosted conversation and open space (grounded in appreciative inquiry and community development frameworks).  A kit to support the hosting of conversations is also available.